Auto-build and publish software
for any Linux system or device

  • Push to GitHub
  • Built automatically
  • Published for your users
  • Scale to millions of installs
  • Available on all clouds and Linux OSes
  • No need for build infrastructure
  • Automatic updates for everyone
  • Roll back versions effortlessly
  • FREE for open source projects
Publish your software for

With Snapcraft, it’s easy to get your software published in the snap store. This store lets people safely install apps from any vendor on mission-critical devices and PCs. Snaps are secure, sandboxed, containerised applications, packaged with their dependencies for predictable behaviour.

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What people are saying about snaps

Snaps provide an excellent way to distribute updates in a way that is both secure and does not risk breaking end user devices.

logo Frank Karlitschek, Founder

Snaps allow developers to build and deploy applications in a format that’s easily portable and upgradeable across a number of IoT devices so that a cognitive relationship between the cloud and the edges of the network can be established.

logo Mac Devine, VP & CTO

Getting Rocket.Chat snapped was as easy as defining a simple yaml file and adding into our CI. This is definitely one of the easiest distribution methods we have ever used.

logo Aaron Ogle, Developer